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The Beats Medical app provides individually tailored metronome therapy daily via iPhone. Metronome Therapy provides an “auditory cue” or tailored beat, to address the mobility symptoms of Parkinson’s each day.

The benefits of Metronome therapy for people with Parkinson’s are established and well documented in research literature.

Metronome therapy has been shown to improve walking speed, stride length and reduce episodes of freezing.


The Beats Medical app provides daily speech and language therapy exercises for people with Parkinson’s. The app provides real-time, visual feedback, with exercises aimed at speaking loudly and clearly.

Speech and Language Therapy exercises can be used to work on vocal volume, intonation and voice clarity.


Based on recognised dexterity exercises for Parkinson’s Disease, the Beats Medical app provides daily occupational hand therapy exercises.

Dexterity training can help with fine hand movement issues such as difficulties with doing up buttons, zippers or with handwriting.

The Beats Medical App provides individually tailored, daily exercises for the Mobility, Speech and Dexterity symptoms of Parkinson’s, delivered through iPhone and iPad.

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