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How it works?

The Beats Medical™ app is an essential aid that can allow people with Parkinson’s to take greater control of their condition.

Key Features include:

  • Daily Assessments
  • Metronome Soundwave Therapy
  • Medication Reminders
  • Progress and historical reports

Our application’s functions are all designed to help improve self management and quality of life. Pricing & Buy Now

Metronome Therapy

Use of the metronome therapy in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been the cornerstone of Parkinson’s management for the past three decades. Physiotherapists utilising it in therapy have witnessed its beneficial effects on the mobility of people with Parkinson’s , which are also established and well documented in research literature. The delivery of auditory stimulation is thought to over ride dysfunction in the brain and cue the body to move.

Metronome therapy has been shown to:

  • Reduce episodes of freezing of gait (FOG),
  • Improve Stride Length,
  • Improve Walking Speed,
  • Reduce Symptoms,
  • Improve Overall Mobility.

The Beats Medical app allows daily prescription of an individualised patented metronome treatment, and repeated metronome sessions over a period of time may exert longer-lasting benefit to the people with Parkinson’s Disease.