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Special Holiday Offer

Daily Treatments at Home

Only €299 for one year (usually €365)

Do you experience:

Issues with your walking?
Our metronome treatment can help improve your movement.
Issues with the volume and clarity of your speech?
Now you can access speech and language therapy exercises at home every day.
Issues with doing up buttons and zippers or handwriting?
Our daily exercises helps you to work on these.


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Only €299

Only 100 available

Ciara Clancy

“Founded by health professionals, Beats Medical is dedicated to empowering people with Parkinson’s in their care and self management”
Dr Ciara Clancy, Physiotherapist
and Founder of Beats Medical

Buy now
Only €299

Only 100 available

Gary Boyle

“The speech section of the app is really helpful. It gives me instant feedback on the volume and intensity of my voice”
Gary Boyle, Beats Medical
User since 2015

What’s included in your Festive pack?

One year subscription to Beats Medical

Daily Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Hand Therapy exercises (usually €50 per session in clinic), with guidance and support from our dedicated team.

Beats Medical Expert Consultation

We want to help you to be in control of your Parkinson’s this year. Our expert team will work with you to get to know you and your Parkinson’s, and to understand how we can help you.

Together we’ll plan your progress over the next year and get you started with your daily treatments so you can get the most benefit from using the Beats Medical app each day.

Symptom & Progress Diary

A handy tool to help you track and manage your Parkinson’s.

Dexterity Exercise Gummy Stylus

A special rubber-tipped pen to help navigate touch screens. Perfect for practicing your handwriting exercise.

Dexterity Training Putty Ball

Helps work on the fine hand movements that you practice in the Beats Medical app.

Medication Organiser

Stay organised with your Beats Medical medication box.

All delivered in your festive gift box.

Perfect as a holiday gift. Includes postage and packaging.

Buy now
Only €299

Only 100 available