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Beats Medical aims to empower people with Parkinson's in their care by providing them the tools to take control.

Our award winning solution provides exercises based on allied health therapies for mobility, speech and dexterity symptoms.

Beats Medical Mission

It was while working with people with Parkinsons that Ciara realised the need for a product that could improve mobility and independent management, something which was not currently available in the market. Ciara felt that Beats Medical could make lasting changes to people’s lives by researching and developing a new technology to treat Parkinson’s. Together with an experienced team Beats Medical was founded, a company dedicated to research and development of technology solutions for chronic neurological disorders. From our clinics in Dublin and in Harley Street London Beats Medical is dedicated to conquering the mobility symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. It is Ciara and Wui-Mei’s dream to enable people with Parkinson’s to have the tools they need to take control of their condition. They wish to empower people with Parkinson’s, improving the quality of life for those affected and the people closest to them.


Dr Ciara Clancy

Chief Executive Officer, BSc, PhD

Physiotherapist, Ciara is a chartered physiotherapist and researcher, in 2012 Ciara was awarded the ISCP Anne O’Brien Prize for Clinical Excellence. She obtained her physiotherapy degree in Trinity College, Dublin. Ciara has worked alongside people with Parkinson’s for many years both as a professional and a Parkinson’s charity volunteer. Ciara is passionately dedicated to improving the management and treatment of people with Parkinson’s Disease and neurological conditions. As a physiotherapist caring for people with Parkinson’s Ciara witnessed the impact that Parkinson’s can have not only on the people diagnosed but their families too. Physiotherapy can have a great impact on disease management and reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s, but currently these treatments are only available in the clinic setting. Ciara wanted to hand back control to people with Parkinson’s and provide them with disease management techniques in the home.

Dr Wui-Mei Chew

Chief Medical Officer,M.D, BCh, BAO

Doctor Wui-Mei is both a medical doctor and researcher with a Masters in Intermolecular medicine and has presented her research at prestigious conferences internationally. Wui-Mei studied medicine in Trinity College, Dublin. Her special interests include chronic disease and community services. As a doctor Wui-Mei was struck by the sheer impact that chronic neurological diseases had on the people diagnosed; in terms of the reduction in quality of life and impact on the social well-being of the affected person. Wui Mei has always been passionate about providing the best evidence based care to patients. Wui Mei saw the Beats Medical technology as a way to assist people with Parkinson’s in their day to lives living with this diagnosis.

Board of Advisors


Sean Melly


Sean Melly is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years investment and business development experience. Sean became one of Europe’s leading telecom entrepreneurs having founded, developed and sold a number of telecom businesses. He manages a range of investments as a n active board member in both the health care and telecoms sectors. Sean is also Chairman of the Board and Adj. Professor of Trinity College Business School where he teaches Corporate Finance on the MBA program.

Dr Emma Stokes

Dr Emma Stokes is President of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) which represents more than 350,000 physical therapists worldwide. Emma is also an Associate Professor at the Department of Physiotherapy in Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are stroke rehabilitation, outcome measurement/evaluation and physiotherapy professional issues. She acts as a professional adviser to the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). Between 2007 and 2011 she was the European Region’s representative on WCPT’s Executive Committee.

Graham Merriman

Graham is former Global Director of Online Sales at Philips Consumer Lifestyles with responsibility for developing Philips global online sales of €500m. Graham has worked with major online players like Amazon & PIXmania and traditional retailers like Wal-mart and Darty. He also played a leading role in developing the Philips CL 2015 Digital Strategy, where he was responsible for the eCommerce section.

Awards & Recognitions

Beats Medical has won a number of International & national awards