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The Beats Medical Colbolt© Platform

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At Beats Medical, we are passionate about supporting people with CNS and rare genetic conditions to understand their condition and manage their symptoms independently. As leaders in this space, we partner with those who are driven by a vision of transforming the lives of patients through innovation.

To find out how our intelligent platform can support your clinical research and digital deployment goals, request a demo of Beats Medical Colbolt© today.

The Core Technology

At the centre of Beats Medical Colbolt© is our patented core technology, giving our intelligent platform the ability to uniquely assess and understand the patient’s condition, and then accurately tailor therapies to their individual ability. The Beats Medical Colbolt© platform is designed to be versatile. It can be deployed for a broad range of CNS and rare genetic conditions, using advanced data insights to provide individualized assessments and therapies rapidly.

Our Distinct Modules

The Beats Medical Colbolt© platform combines therapies from four distinct modules, addressing Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Speech and Wellbeing. Each module is capable of delivering a variety of digital assessments and therapies. The Beats Medical Colbolt© platform can be deployed for CNS or rare genetic conditions in which patients experience any combination of these symptoms, delivering therapies from these treatment areas, tailored to be a perfect fit for the patient, continuously adapting to their changing needs.

Customisable Interface

Our Customisable Interface utilises advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to tailor your deployment specifically for your patients. Your deployment configuration can range from a simplified user experience to an immersive, themed deployment, promoting engagement and adherence for patients of all ages.

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Applied Products

Illustration of Applied Products: Adult

Applied Products: Adult

We have deployed the Beats Medical Colbolt© platform in a tailored assessment and therapy app for people with Parkinson’s, helping our users to manage their Gross Motor, Speech and Fine Motor symptoms independently. This globally commercialised deployment is used by people with Parkinson's in more than 40 countries worldwide.

User Stories
Illustration of Applied Products: Pediatrics

Applied Products: Pediatrics

We have deployed the Beats Medical Colbolt© platform to deliver an interactive, gamified therapy app, helping children with Dyspraxia, or Developmental Coordination Disorder, to develop crucial Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Speech skills. This deployment is directly reimbursed by Ireland's largest private health insurer, with coverage for more than 1.2 million customers.

User Stories